Announcement - Our 'Storefront' is Visible

We’re excited to have officially made the source of our front end visible of the Mayvenn shopping experience!

We’ve previously written about the architecture in our Transitions and Effects blog post but now our whole application is available on GitHub. The readme also has a bit more description/explanation of some of how we thought to structure things. We hope that it can serve as another reference point as to what a full single page app written in ClojureScript/Om could look like.

It includes integration with HTML5 History, Optimizely, Honeybadger, Yotpo and of course a bunch of ClojureScript libraries that make it all possible. We think these could be handy examples for similar integrations.

A quick note about the license:

We’ve put an ‘All Rights Reserved’ since our images/styles/etc are in the same repo as the source code and Mayvenn maintains all rights over these works (they may not be used/copied/modified without permission). Rather than come up with some sort of complicated license that protects specifically these assets, we’ve marked the whole repo as ‘All Rights Reserved’. We hope that this is still useful to see some of the patterns. It’s certainly a departure from our other open source repositories and we hope to not have to do so again!

UDATE: In an accident, we realized we should have titled this visible source instead of open. We have just changed it but have avoided making a new URL.